Hickory Bluff Berry Farm

Last chance to put your name in the peanut pot for the weekend! Need some already boiled for Saturday? Just send us a message.
Pick up: Friday at the farm (4:00-6:00) or Saturday at the Summerville Farmers Market.

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Orders have started! Get your name on the list for Friday pick up at the farm (4:00-6:00) or Saturday at the Summerville Farmers Market (8:00-10:00). Peck: $20, Half Bushel: $35, or Bushel $65.

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Come see us at the Summerville Farmers Market. Starting at 8:00 until it’s all gone. Peanuts, okra, jalapeños, jams, dressings, Bbq sauces, pickled products, etc...

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Today @ the Farm: (4:00-6:00)
Tomorrow @ Summerville Farmers Market (8:00-10:00)

Aug 3rd 4:44pm • No Comments

UPDATE: We expect to have peanuts for Friday and Saturday 👍

Due to the rain, ONLY WHITE ACRES made it out of the field this week! If you ordered Green/Speckled Butterbeans or Dixie Lee Peas, we will contact you to make arrangements. If you have not heard from us by NOON tomorrow, please send us a message. SIDENOTE: We are experiencing a glitch on our post and not receiving all of our notifications. If you have not received a response, we have not received your request. Please send us a message or call us directly. We welcome help and suggestions as we try to resolve it!

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